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Missioner Prayer

As Missioners of Christ, we say yes, Lord.

We say yes to Your will and yes to Your ways.

We will willingly go where You send us and love those you bring into our lives.

Bind us together as a family in Christ and send us out in the power of Your Holy Spirit to make You known in this world.

We say yes, Lord, with all that is in us, we say yes!

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  • Patrick Michael Clark (Discerner)
  • Leigh Kimble (Discerner)
  • Asaph Bashloum (Discerner)
  • Erin Tooley (Discerners)
  • Cristian Anariba (Discerner)
  • Kelsey Krieger (Discerner)
  • Noe Valesquez (Discerner)

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